Four Seasons Bosphorus, Turkey

We stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul At The Bosphorus in Turkey during Thanksgiving 2018. We were only in Istanbul for 2 nights but the Four Seasons made them extremely memorable.

Surrounded by intensity and commotion, Istanbul can be pretty intimidating. Luckily, the Four Seasons hotel helped create an enjoyable experience. 


Located in Northwestern Turkey, the Bosphorus strait is a significant landmark. Here, the Four Seasons hotel offers a place of refuge and luxury. This refurbished Ottoman palace offers an experience like no other. 

Four Seasons

Filled with warm hospitality, the Four Seasons was a good choice. With offers of transportation and suggested experiences, we were able to fully take part of the Turkish culture. 


Though hectic and crowded, Istanbul is incredible. Diving into a new culture is an experience like no other. Shuttling us between landmarks such as the Hagia Sophia eased some of the stress of our trip. 

Turkish Cuisine

In addition to experiencing the unique culture of music and everyday living, we had the opportunity to be introduced to a variety of food. The Four Seasons hotel offered an incredible breakfast every morning. Their in house dining was also authentically amazing. 

Visiting Europe

If you plan on visiting Europe, I highly recommend stopping in Turkey. The experience of visiting a new culture is nearly impossible to recreate. With the intensely chaotic crowds, it can be a little overwhelming. However, it’s all part of the experience. 

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