How much is a month in Europe with kids? Itinerary and COST Revealed

Traveling to Europe with four young boys may sound like a crazy idea, but it was one of the best experiences of my life.

25 Day Itinerary With Kids

Have you ever dreamed of taking your kids on a European adventure? Well, that’s exactly what I did in 2019, when I spent a month exploring some of the most beautiful and historic cities in Europe with my four boys. In this blog post, I will share with you the breakdown of our itinerary, our favorite aspects of each destination, and the answer to everyone’s favorite question: how much does a month in Europe cost?

How Did I Know Where To Go?

Ever since my study abroad in Spain I’ve always wanted to go back. I wanted to show my kids the amazing places I had visited. So, when I had the opportunity to take a month off work, I decided to make it happen.

I planned our itinerary based on the places I had been before and some new ones I wanted to explore. We visited a variety of spots and cultures spanning from Guadalest to Normandy. Follow along for pricing and itinerary details!

Flights and Travel Expenses

We left San Francisco on Tuesday  on Air France. We flew on the A380, and I have a video showcasing the upper deck economy seats and how much space you get in the duo configuration. It had extra cubbies and a thicker side wall resembling a shelf, great for storing all of your kid’s stuff. The bathroom was directly behind the boys, which was convenient, especially for “In Air Skincare”.

We arrived in Paris on Wednesday. We stayed in Paris for a week, then flew to Madrid on Wednesday, July 31. We stayed in Madrid for another week, then took a train to Valencia on Wednesday, August 7. We stayed in Valencia for four days, then took a bus to Alicante on Sunday, August 11. We stayed in Alicante for three days, then took a train to Toledo on Wednesday, August 14. We stayed in Toledo for a week, then flew back to Madrid on Wednesday, August 21. We stayed at the Westin Palace for one night before our flight back to San Francisco on Thursday, August 22.

Flight Total: $6,914.60

Flight Total Per Person: $1,382.92


Our first stop was Paris, where we stayed six nights exploring the beauty of the City of Lights. While our Airbnb lacked air conditioning during an unexpected Parisian heatwave, we made the best of it, strolling over three miles to snag a copper pot at E. DEHILLERIN and braving hot meals at the apartment. Lessons learned: always prioritize air conditioning! Our days were a mix of planned activities (Eiffel Tower, catacombs, Versailles) and spontaneous delights, like breakfasts with fresh orange juice and pastries and a boat ride on the Seine. The highlight for my boys? Descending into the cool catacombs during the heatwave.

Paris Apartment Total: $1,640.07

Total per: $273

Day Trip: Normandy

A high-speed train from Paris whisked us to Caen for a day trip to Normandy. We snagged a rental car and journeyed to the Battle of Normandy Museum, lunching at Restaurant le Pommier. Omaha Beach’s Overlord Museum awaited us, but the unexpected joy was a visit to a local Mohair Goat Farm, adding an unexpected twist to our historical day. We returned to Caen by evening, bidding farewell to our rental car before catching the train back to Paris.

Train Total: $725


A two-hour flight from Paris brought us to Madrid, where our Airbnb close to Plaza del Sol and Plaza Mayor became our haven. The boys fell in love with Jamon Serrano at Mercado San Miguel, and I had a culinary revelation at Sala De Despeice. We explored the Prado Museum, Buen Retiro Park, and enjoyed a double-decker carousel. Four days in Madrid allowed us to soak in the vibrant culture before our next adventure. The total below includes out three night stay in our apartment. 

Madrid Total: $1,032.82

Total Per: $344


Despite a less charming Airbnb in the city center, Valencia surprised us with its beauty. Our first day saw us at the beach, but an unfortunate incident during a picnic in Turia Park led us to cut our stay short. With backpacks in tow, we headed to Alicante for an unplanned, soul-filling experience of Flamenco dancing and cultural processions along ancient streets. If you want to hear more about my experience in Valencia as well as getting robbed, be sure to check out the video!

Valencia Total: $1,720.88

Total Per: $286


Nestled in an Airbnb a few streets from the beach, Alicante became an unexpected highlight. From the enchanting La Siesta in Xabia for lunch to exploring Guadalest Castle and Alcoi, every day was an adventure. The city’s ancient charm, delicious food, and live cultural spectacles made it a standout stop on our European journey. We stayed three nights in Alicante. 


A short inland jaunt from Alicante brought us to Guadalest, a hidden gem in the Valencian mountains. The castle and a visit to Alcoi for lunch added a touch of history and charm to our Spanish sojourn.

Alicante Total: $823.90

Total per: $274


A 30-minute train ride from Madrid took us to the medieval timewarp of Toledo. Our Airbnb, tucked within the city walls, became our tranquil base for exploring the Greco Museum, the Alcazar, and the city’s historical churches. Swords, bows, and arrows became souvenirs as we immersed ourselves in the rich history and winding streets of this captivating city. 


A day trip from Toledo led us to Segovia, where we marveled at the Roman Aqueduct and explored the Segovian castle, supposedly inspiring Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. A roasted pork lunch at Meson Don Jimeno and an ice cream stop rounded out our day before returning to the tranquility of Toledo.

Toledo Total: $1,434.55

Total per: $179

Westin Palace Madrid

Our European adventure concluded with a return to Madrid, where we luxuriated in a night at the Westin Palace, indulging in a few more hours exploring the city and the Prado Museum before bidding adieu to Europe. This is the total for us in one night, we rented two rooms. 

Westin Palace Total: $436.97 (1-night)

Total per: $218

Additional Costs

Meals & Drivers: $5,639.41 (25-days)

Car Rentals: $659.92 (3 cars)

Total Cost: 21,028.12

Total per day per person: $168

Itinerary & Pricing

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