In Depth, Atlantis Spa Review: Palmaia House of AiaIn Depth, Atlantis Spa Review: Palmaia House of Aia

I just spent a week at the most unique property I’ve been to yet!


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Atlantis Spa

I just spent a week at the most unique property I’ve been to yet!

Palmaia, House of Aia

At this property in Playa Del Carmen they have a very special spa. The Atlantis Spa is the heart of this resort. It’s truly a magical world of healing, set in the jungle with a Cenote you feel at one with the earth, it literally feels like Mother Nature is hugging you.

I filmed my entire week to give you every single detail. This video is dedicated to the Atlantis Spa and the treatments I enjoyed.


  1. Embrace The Ancient Mother 90 minute hot stone massage.
  2. Luminous Jade Facial 75 minutes & during this my four boys enjoyed the organic youth facial 60 minutes.
  3. Pre Hispanic Ritual, this is a body detox that is 120 minutes
  4. Temazcal which is a physical and spiritual experience in a sweat lodge. This typically takes place from 2-6pm on Friday’s, and shouldn’t be missed.

What an incredible place!

Everything at the Palmaia Atlantis Spa feels spiritual because the therapist are extremely intentional and want to transmit an incredible experience. I felt honored by their love and service and completely grateful that they let me film and share.

Therapies and associated costs can change. These details are based on June 2022.

I have the full menu and price list for the Palmaia Atlantis Spa, which I will add to my blog at so you can reference it and start planning.

We are creating a retreat for my private skincare app for February 2023. Only members will be included and receive the special pricing. Go to for more details and if you are here for the premier give me a few days to get those pages built:)

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Pre Hispanic Ritual

Once on the massage table, the therapist has you inhale the most beautiful scent.

Then a scalp massage.

My hair and eyes were then covered.

A warm heavy blanket was placed on top of my chest and abdomen.

Beautiful smoke was applied.

She started to scrub my legs.

A new towel was introduced to cover my chest during the abdomen exfoliation.

Then both my arms were exfoliated and cleaned.

After, my front is covered I sit up for the back scrub.

Then this was a wonderful surprise, I had no idea she put on a masque.

Then she added this green clay masque on my legs, arms and abdomen.

Afterwards I was wrapped up.

The facial began as my body detoxed in the masque.

First a detoxing face cleanse followed by a black eye masque.

Then a cover was placed on my eyes.

Once she eye masque was applied she returned to my legs to remove the masque with a warm wet towel.

My arms and abdomen were also cleaned.

The massage portion began, starting with legs, then abdomen, and then arms and hands.

She returned to my face to clean off the eye masque.

Then I sat up to remove the masque from my back.

Afterwards, I turn over for an incredible massage.

Legs, arms, back, and neck are perfectly worked with such care.

Then a head scalp massage, which in my opinion should always culminate a service.

I found that all therapies at the Atlantis Spa complete with these circular chimes, called Tingsha Cymbals.

I enjoyed them so much that I grabbed a pair on Amazon.

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