Korean Air Business Class: Is it Worth the Discount?

Traveling with Korean Air was a unique experience. Join me as I travel from San Francisco to Seoul, Korea.

What to Expect Traveling with Air Business Class

Opening in 1969 with a minimal 8 planes, Korean Air offers various international flights. In 2004, they announced their vision “to be a respected leader in the world airline community.” Since then they have striven to create core values of safety and customer satisfaction. 


From SF to Korea

In January 2022, my mom, sister, and I had the opportunity to experience this airline. Traveling from San Francisco to Seoul, Korea nearly all the Business class amenities were available to us. Before my flight with Korean Air, I had read a mixture of reviews. However, the positive reviews overpowered the negative and increased my excitement for the flight. Flying Business class was an amazing experience. 

Korean Airlines is wonderful! The crew is so nice and beautiful. I loved the Korean Air flight woman’s hair clips and outfits. After this enjoyable flight, I can’t wait to travel and fly with Korean Air again.

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