Vegan Food Resort Palmaia, House of Aia Pt 2

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Continued from Part One, we’ll experience some of the vegan dining Palmaia has to offer. 

Mar De Olivo

This was hands down our favorite restaurant. We ate here 2 nights and on each night the boys enjoyed the steak. I thought their starters and salads were so good. The grilled artichokes are really good and have a smokiness. The crudités were simple well cared vegetables with 2 yummy dipping sauces. I really liked the Caprese salad but I had it without cheese.

The garden salad had a great dressing on it and was so fresh. I tried both soups and even though I liked both, the onion soup was my favorite.

The first time we ate here I ordered the Tajine and I had it with the roasted chicken, everything was prepared perfectly but it needed more flavor so I took the red sauce from the crudités and it gave it more life and flavor.

The second time we ate here I had the Raviolon which was yummy. I love mushrooms and truffles so this dish really spoke to me.

Miles had the Tagliatelle and I thought the sauce was nice but we were not sure what the ‘veg yoke” was.

We tried all 3 desserts but the best by far and in my option, the best dessert at Palmaia is the Catalan Cream which is a yummy orange creme brûlée I believe made from coconut. Stewart liked the Tiramisu once he mixed it all together.

Su Casa

This was our second favorite dinner restaurant and we ate here 2 times.

The red beat Hummus is so yummy I was eating it with a spoon. (This pink hummus is only at dinner time)

The grilled asparagus is excellent! The carpaccio is made from ribbons of squash and has the best dressing.

The tomato soup in my opinion is too acidic and I did not like it. The shish kebabs are yummy! I have no idea what they are made of and I don’t want to know, all I know is they are a deep-fried yummy sticks with sauce.

One night the boys had the fresh catch which happened to be Sea Bass. I thought the lunch preparation was better than the dinner option. The desserts at Su Casa are so so, of the three I think the best is the Lime Tartlet.

I think they should mix the vegan pudding and add Churros as a dessert option. In fact, churros should be an option all day every day at any eating location. This of course is my humble opinion because I love churros!


We only ate at Lek one time but had it been an option I would have liked to eat here again.

Ceviche Yucatan was unique, I really liked how the beets and mushrooms were marinated. Turner had the Tacos Al Pastor and these were yummy, I stole a bite.

The star of this restaurant in my opinion is the Mexa Mushroom. The sauce on these mushrooms is heavenly, it almost seems like a white tender piece of fish that has been poached in a yummy coconut sauce. Another one of my favorite dishes of the week. The seasonal stuffed poblano pepper was almost very good.

We did not care for any of the 3 desserts that LEK offered. They should have had a churro offering.


This was our least favorite place to eat of anywhere we ate that week. To be fair it could have been what we ordered. I spoke to other guests many who did like Ume and had a similar experience like me but then there was a couple who told me Ume was their favorite restaurant but they also ordered different dishes.

The meal started off with yummy spring rolls and these made everyone excited.

Miles and I ordered the Thai Curry and the Pad Thai. Both were extremely disappointing. The curry was very spicy which made it difficult to enjoy this dish. The pad Thai was very salty and I felt it blew out my pallet for anything else. I added shrimp to my pad Thai and I’m not sure if this changed the dish, but the shrimp even seemed a little off, they were firm in texture but a but fishy in flavor. I did not care for the Miso soup either, again very salty.

We also ordered the chefs sushi of the day it was beautifully made and I felt bad that I could only eat 1 piece by the time it arrived as my pallet was shot from the other intense flavors.

These are the dishes we did not try but others said they really liked them:

The Thai Ramen I heard was excellent and as I read it on the menu I feel this could have been a really yummy dish. The Yakimeshi Herushi is a rice vegetable dish and I was told this was also very good.

I look forward to returning and trying different dishes at Ume because seriously we had such a great week of eating I believe this restaurant must have plates I would love.

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