Temazcal Experience

By far one of the most unique experiences of my life. This is how the Temazcal begins @thehouseofaia 

Temazcal Ritual

This ritual happens on Friday typically at 2 pm. You need to arrange this with the Atlantis Spa ahead of time. There is space for 14 in the concrete dome. You will sweat in the dome as the rocks that are in the fire outside are added one at a time to a hole in the center of the structure. We had 5 guests and 3 officiators in my Temazcal for a total of 8 people inside. The constricting dome sparked my gratitude for a smaller group. It definitely would’ve felt cramped with a group larger than 10 people. 

How Does It Work?

There are four periods that are observed during the Temazcal. As the heat rises it becomes a very intimate and vulnerable setting occurs. It creates a place where people can discuss past traumas, and personal difficulties, as well as set intentions for after the birth of the Temazcal. At each period the door is opened to bring in 13 additional hot stones called Abuelitas which in Spanish means little grandma. I believe the concept is that our Mother Earth is found in these lava stones. She is there to cleanse our body’s through sweat and heal our minds and heart by enduring this challenge and asking for her help to let go.

Palmaia, House of Aia

It can be an incredibly bonding atmosphere and I now feel very connected to people who journeyed with me and shared in our Temazcal.

Because this is @thehouseofaia the service is done with so much love and concern for comfort.

During the intermittent periods of the door opening and stones being added, we are given special teas to keep us hydrated. As they got colder over time, they tasted incredible. The steam is created when chamomile-infused water is added to the searing stones. It smells amazing! If you go to @thehouseofaia you need to add this to your must-do list!!!.

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