I Tried Subabe Solar Lightening Hair Spray; This is What Happened

It's summertime, and you know what that means. The sun's out and it's golden hue reaches nearly every aspect of your life, including your hair. With the promise of shimmery, natural highlights, Sunbabe Solar Lightening Hair Spray offers a gentle yet effective formula for your hair.


I took it with me to Lake Powell, and it worked wonders on my locks. Through harnesses the revolutionary power of the sun, this spray helps transform your hair into a cascade of luminosity. The heat-activated formula prevents harsh lines and creates a natural masterpiece.

What Is Solar Lightening Hair Spray?

For nearly decades, whenever summetime rolls around a few things stay constant in the world of beauty. The desire for warm sand, tan skin, and lightened hair seems to never go away. Rather than taking a trip to the salon, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide were used. Luckily, we’ve escaped that damaging world and new products have immerged, promising safety and success!

How Does It Work?

As you probably know the color in your hair, skin, and nails comes from a protein, known as melanin. Most hair lightening sprays work through a chemical known as hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down into a free radical, meaning it can modify the melanin into a colorless version. This however leads to damage and a brittle texture. 

Sunbabe Solar Lightening Hair Spray utilizes the natural citrus ingredients for a gentler approach. The citric acid found acts as an oxidizing agent which works in tandem with UV rays to reduce the first few layers of melanin. 


1. On dry or damp hair, mist and comb through.

2. Get some casual sun or apply low heat with a blowdryer for 3-4 mins.

3. See visibly lighter results after 2-3 hours and full effect by the next day.

4. Wash out at your next shower.

Tip: Not sure if you’ll like it? Use the steps above to test a strand before applying!

Is It Dangerous?

With all hair color alterations, some damage will occur. However compared to other formulas and conventional hair dye, Sunbabe formula uses a gradual approach which prevents too much stress accumulating on strands at a time. 

What If It Starts Looking Brassy?

Due to my natural undertones, my hair tends to create a brassy look. While some people appreciate this color, I tend to seek a more icy color. Luckily Sunbabe also offers a Blue Tea Toning Mask, which helps fabricate a cooler tone. Rather than using purple, which neutralizes yellow tones, the blue pigment seeks after copper and brass undertones. 

What If I Dye My Hair?

As most of you probably know, I dye my hair. However this product is perfect, no matter what color. The formula lifts the hair dye and utilizes the UV rays to lighten the shade. 


Sunbabe Solar Lightening Hairspray offers natural-looking highlights without damaging your hair. It’s gentle formula works on all hair types, colors, and most dyes. It heat-activated formula makes it perfect for everyday use. Overall, this product is a great option for anyone who wants to lighten their hair at home and achieve a sun-kissed look. 

Other Products I Used

Jergens Natural Glow

This is one of my favorite summer drugstore products. It’s the perfect affordable option for that sun-kissed glowing skin. With a variety of shades it’s important to find the right one for your skintone. 

Kopari Sunscreen Oil

While we all strive for that smooth tan skin, none of us want a sunburn. If you’re looking for a new sunscreen the Kopari Sunscreen Oil feels light on your skin as it glides over your skin. However, it also offers protection like no other. 

Moraccan Oil Purple Conditioner

While the Blue Toning Hair Mask from Sunbabe worked wonders for my hair, if you’re looking for haircare after either a sun lightening session or professional hair dye, I highly recommend Moroccan Oil Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. 

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