VIDCON 2023: What is Worth It? What I Wish I Knew…

VIDCON 2023 This is my first VIDCON experience at the Anaheim convention center. However, I've been a financially full-time creator since 2019. VIDCON is where digital online creators come to connect with one another and learn about new tools.

This is my first Vidcon experience; I'm at the Marriott Anaheim Conference Center and eager to see what this conference offers!


VIDCON 2023 is where digital online creators come to connect with one another and learn about new developments in online creation. Youtube fans also attend to meet their favorite creator and be inspired. This is the 12th annual vidon held at the anaheim convention center and digital culture takes center stage. 

Who Am I?

Before we get started, I should probably tell you a little about myself. I’m a digital creator. I started in 2018, and by 2019 I was able to be a full-time creator. If you’re interested in learning more, check out my content!

Many of you know that I’ve been making youtube videos since 2018, I understand that my current channel doesn’t reflect this history. I had a previous channel that had a silver play button and was very successful. 2021 hit, my channel disappeared and I was left lost and defeated. With no idea what to do, many of the insecurities addressed in this video began to pop up.

What Changed?

Despite all the adversity faced, I knew I couldn’t just give up. I plan to leave this conference feeling more secure about my future on Youtube and how to improve as a creator!

Let's Get Started!


VIDCON Is 3 days long and is broken up into 3 tickets. I’m sharing the ticket prices based on the date we purchased ours, which was April 23, 2023.

Community Track

This ticket is for fans and those who are interested in checking out the main convention floor. The main floor offers the Youtube Drop shop, brands sharing new products, and many activities and games for kids; this is also where meet and greets occur.
$ 99 Monthly
  • Festival Access
  • Base Floor Access

Creator Track

This ticket includes the perks of the community pass on the main floor and then provided access to the second floor where the break-out sessions and lounges are located, such as the TikTok lounge, which was really beautiful and featured free food, drinks, and prizes.
$ 299 Monthly
  • Community Ticket
  • 2nd Floor Sessions
  • Tik Tok Lounge

Industry Ticket

This ticket includes the main, creator, and third floors, where more sessions are located. However, these topics are more global in nature where, as creator classes are more nuts and bolts.
$ 799 Monthly
  • Creator Ticket
  • 3rd Floor Access
  • On-Demand Acess to VIDCON Sessions

Daily Schedule

Day 1: Thursday

Modern SEO Practices to Drive Traffic To Your Site

With an extensive schedule of topics, deciding which class to attend was difficult. However, my interest in search engine optimization has begun to expand so it didn’t take very long.

This session was presented by the senior director of SEO for Vimeo. Hundreds of my original videos are on Vimeo; that’s how we embed videos, not on YouTube, to our site. He shared a how-to course on the correct ways of embedding videos to build authority and search with Google.

"Navigating the Modern Media Ecosystem" "Creator-Entrepreneur & The Next Generation Media Marketplace"

These sessions provided valuable information about the current and upcoming digital world and how content creation affects it. 

Day 2: Friday

"How to Use AI in the Era of Video Creation"

This session was interesting because I learned about Filmora and how AI can cut out certain videos. I found this so impressive that I immediately downloaded the software and am excited to play with it for more creative possibilities. 

Artificial Intelligence is an aspect with potential to completely change the world of digital content. Though I am concerned at the possibility of losing so many voices of creativity, AI has the potential to be utilized in a variety of ways. 

Day 3: Saturday

"Creative Innovation"

Throughout the session, I learned about a program, OPUS, that can take long-format videos and create reels with AI. I’m eager to see how this can speed up my workflow. 

Goals for VIDCON 2023

Do I Feel Any More Secure About Youtube Now?

No. Honestly, I’ve found bery few people can relate to what I’ve been through, which leaves extremely isolated and insecure at times. 

But, I LOVE creating videos; no one can stop that!

Did I Find New Tools To Help Me Create?

Yes, I believe I did. I will be playing with Filmora, Davinci Resolve, and Opus this summer. To expedite audio editing I am also investing in a new mic. My team will utilize Jon Henshaw’s workflow to increase SEO on our embed videos!

Would I Return To VIDCON?

YES, I would return to VIDCON but change my ticket. Instead of Industry track, I would buy a Creator ticket and add the on-demand digital pass to my creator ticket. This way, I have access to the industry track sessions, but I have a creator badge.

Staying at the Marriott Anaheim convention center was extremely convenient, and we could enjoy some pool time between sessions or walk back easily to charge devices. Next time I want to stay at the Westin, which is located on the other side of the Convention Center.

Last, the private parties are a big deal so if you can get on the list your experience will be even better.

If you love Youtube and think you want to Create videos, come and get the community ticket or the creator ticket. If you’ve been creating for a long time, like me then you’ll feel torn between the creator or the Industry ticket. For me, I will do creator next time.

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