The Atlantis Water Park: Where Water Meets Wonder

Atlantis Sanya, the ultimate spring break vacation. With a lack of lines and no lack of delicious snacks, our expectations were brought to the next level.

The Ultimate Spring Break

As one of the much-awaited time of the years for families, especially my boys, we decided to embark on a long adventure in China. We discovered the enchanting paradise on Hainang Island- Atlantis Sanya. Nestled in the heart of this island, Atlantis Sanya is a newer resort with fun radiating out of every aspect. With remarkable facilities, delectable cuisine, and exciting water slides, the Atlantis Sanya offered an incredible time.  

The Resort

Setting foot in the Atlantis Sanya, we were greeted by the breathtaking beauty of the resort. As the pools stretched lengthwise for days and the slides touched the sky, we were in awe at even the smallest details. Since the establishment was relatively new, the pristine resort lacked the crowds that were soon to come. This meant no long waits, which allowed us to make the most of our vacation. My boys absolutely loved it!

Dining Experiences

In addition to the raging waters, the exquisite dining experience exceeded my expectations. With the variety of culinary options, our taste buds were truly in heaven. The culinary team’s dedication to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients elevated each dish to a whole new level. We relished every meal, and enjoyed the savory fusion of flavors. 

We had the opportunity to eat at the Gordon Ramsey restaurant, the Bread Street Kitchen. Inspired by the London warehouse, this restaurant adds a modern touch to the classic British dishes. 

State-of-the-Art Entertainment

While the world class facilities at Atlantis Sanya offer relaxation, they also market to adventure seekers. The crown jewel of the resort is the exhilirating water park. A combination of fun and entertainment, we navigated through the winding slides and splashed in crystal clear pools. The exciting water park provided countless hours of fun and entertainment, and created cherished memories that we won’t ever forget. 

Morning 2

The Beach

The next morning we embarked on a little journey  to find the pristine beauty nature offers. We visited an incredible beach, where we relaxed to the soothing sounds of the ocean, as the warm sand melted into our feet. As I embraced the serenity of my surroundings I recognized how grateful I was to be able to make these memories with my boys. 

An Underwater Escape

In addition to the extravagency that awaits you outside the hotel, you can find yourself in an underwater experience with the night show at the Aquarium. We finished our trip dining as the aquatic life surrounded us. The French cuisine was served romatically underwater, a setting I had never experienced before. 

We decided to finish off the night with the aquarium performance. This is similar to Cirque de la Soilel, but with the added touch of H20. As we finished off our vacation, we recalled some of our favorite memories and made sure never to forget. Spring Break of 2019 was an unparalleled adventure and hopefully the hidden gem of Atlantis Sanya won’t be hidden for too much longer. The luxurious resort, unparalleled service, exquisite dining, and top facilities made our stay complete.!

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