St. Regis: The Bora Bora Spa

Located on a private island the St Regis hotel of Bora Bora is the epitome of luxury, which makes it the perfect place for a spa. However, is the price worth it?

Iridium Spa

Surrounded by a crystal clear lagoon, the purity of the water rushes over you. The backdrop of Mt. Ataman adds to the natural landscape of beauty. As I walked out of the spa around 4 or 5 I was overcome with this breath-taking scenery as the sun began to set. While the beautiful view creates an atmosphere of luxury, that was the highlight of the spa. 

Sothys Paris

A world of refined emotions, Sothys skincare brand offers only the highest level of excellence. This renowned skincare brand comes with a price. As I bought one of the favorite lotions used throughout my treatment the shocking price of $500 was charged. Though I was at a resort and had to pay an additional travel fee for it, I was still a little surprised. 

80-Minute Facial

For nearly 77 years, Sothys has represented French excellence and luxury throughout the world of beauty and spa. The legendary product line was set as a base throughout this facial. My esthestician provided a luxurious experience, enriching it with her own lovely personality.

While the property and facial were incredible, the facilities did not meet my expectations. I was shocked by the lack of updated locker rooms. While this facility is incredible, I do not think the lackluster experience is in line with the prices they ask. `

While I did enjoy my experience here, I strive to be real with you guys and when compared with the amount I spent, I’m not sure if it was worth it. 

"I feel like the St Regis spa facility needs to be redone. It's not up to the standard of what you are paying for a place like this, nor on the standard of what a hotel of this level is supposed to offer you when they're charging that kind of price and creating such a high level of expectation."


Overall, the St Regis Bora Bora island is an incredible experience. Though I do think, they could benefit from a lower price, it does not take away from the luxury of the resort and the breathtaking beauty of the scenery. If you’re still looking to visit Bora Bora and want to visit all your options, check out my Four Seasons Bora Bora post!

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