Sizzling Sensations: Top Carnivore Creations

As my family goes carnivore and ketovore, we've decided to share our journey with you! Here are our top recipes and tips.

Carnivore vs. Ketovore

For five days, Jason and I went strictly carnivore. No fruit, no carbs, not even vegetables, stricly juicy, delicious protein. If you want to check out my 5 day journey check out the link here.

After those five days were up Jason stuck with this diet, but I decided to expand my palate with more variety through incorporating vegetables and embracing the principles of a ketogenic diet. Keto diets still prioritize protein and fat while minimizing carb intake. This continues to maximize your fat-burning potential and maintain your satiety levels. As I journey through my top meals on this diet prepare to embark on a flavorful adventure of prehistoric diets. 

Meal #1: Ribeye & Butter


This simple recipe is perfect for the carnivore diet. With the ribeye steak cooked to perfection those doing the carnivore diet can top it off with butter (I used the amish butter from Costco) and obtain the perfect mix of protein and fat. 


With more variety on this diet, I decided to add a few sides for my kids. I made cooked spinach and broccoli, seasoned with butter, salt, and pepper. I also served it with some siracha mayonaise, which was an absolute must!

Meal #2: Applewood Bacon and Eggs

As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What better way to start it off with some classic bacon and eggs. Upgrading to the future I utilized my new favorite purchase, our air fryer. Taking about 8 minutes to cook, our buttery, seasoned eggs were the perfect combination of crispy and tender. I decided to use bacon grease and ghee to season and butter our meal. After about 11 minutes at 390 our bacon was also done, making the perfect meal. 

Meal #3: Shredded Beef

This delectable dish was bursting with savory flavors. I combined the aromatic essence of garlic powder with the subtle salinity of salt, which infused the meat with earthly notes and added depth to every bite. After searing it the beef cooked in ghee, I added the garlic powder and cumin.To finish it off added some water, put the cap on and left it to soak overnight. 

Meal #4: Air-Fried Chicken Wings

This recipe is the exact reason I bought an air fryer. Paired with homemade blue cheese dressing, it is the perfect snack. To try it all you need is the party pack of chicken wings from Costco, an air fryer, some spices (I used cayene, salt, pepper, and garlic powder). Turning the air fryer to 390 these wings take about 50 minutes to cook. To make sure they cook evenly make sure to flip them at 25 minutes. 

Meal #5: Hamburger Patties

With a few adjustments, hamburgers are a great option for carnivore and ketovore diets. Using keto-friendly herbs to season, these were the perfect dinner option. To top off the burger I decided to saute a shallet in butter from Finland, creating a perfect combination of flavor. 

Meal #6: Crispy Chicken Thighs

Utilizing my air fryer again, these thighs brought new texture to a more restrictive diet. Setting to the air fry button for 20 minutes, this dish was a major hit. I topped it with jalapeno artichoke sauce. To make this you simply combine a half cup heavy whipping cream with 8 oz of the costco artichoke dip over a low heat. 

Mexican Taco Meat and Bacon

Saving the best for last, these make-shift tacos were an easy, tasteful meal to make. As you know taco meat it perfect by itself. However I used large lettuce leaves as taco shells, which added nutrients and the perfect containment. 

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