Meat Mastery: Exploring the Carnivore Diet

For five days we explore the optimal benefits of the carnivore diet and unlock the potential of meat-based nutrition..

What is the Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore, or zero-carb diet, is an eating approach that centralizes around consuming only meat, eggs, and some dairy. The diet evolved from the assumption that our ancestors survived on carneverous diets or even lived as an omnivore. 

A belief has formed that this diet reduces inflammation, improves digestion and aids in optimizing health. As our diet culture has unveiled an unwavering truth, the importance of fat and protein. Observing each of the many diets, we can see the emphasis placed on reducing carb intake while prioritizing full-fat and protein. 

How does it work?

Unlike most diets, the carnivore diet allows for zero-carbs. 

1) Carnivore Selection

Emphasize the selection of meat, eggs, and optional meat. If you’re wondering which meat to buy, keep scrolling!

2) Eliminate Carbohydrates

Much like keto, this diet works by eliminating carbs. This switches your body from using carbs as an energy source to stored fat on your body. 

3) Increased Fat Intake

Since fat is your new source of energy in the carnivore diet, increasing your intake amount is incredibly important. Fat provides you with energy, satiety, and facilitate nutrient absorption. 

4) Modify Nutrient Absorption

This diet cuts out plant anutrients, eliminating the risk of interference with nutrient absorption and digestive issues. 

What Does My Typical Day Look Like?

Starting off my day right, my first carnivore meal consisted of six deliciously crispy bacon slices. With the light breakfast I normally refreshed myself with a sugar-free red bull to get my energy up. 

My lunch meal consisted of juicy chicken wings, bursting with tender meat and a little spice. To top off the day my final meal had multiple options. I had the choice between perfectly cooked steak, shredded beef, a juicy hamburger patty, succulent shrimp, or melt-in-your-mouth brisket. 

After my body went into ketosis from the carnivore diet I noticed a decrease in my hunger levels, often leading me to only eat two meals a day. By the end of the 5 days I had lost 7 pounds!

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