Luxurious 4-Night Retreat in Bora Bora

Price, Perfection, and Pure Bliss. The Four Seasons hotel in Bora Bora provides it all.

Spring of 2023 we took a flight to place where luxury and natural beauty intertwine. Options of beachfront villas or overwater bungalows made led us to a difficult dilemma of paradise in Bora Bora. However the astonishing beauty is not the only thing that overwhelms you. If you’re like me, you might be wondering about the price. 

Bora Bora: Immerse Yourself in Paradise

Located as part of French Polynesia, Bora Bora is marked as a tropical must. The Four Seasons hotel is 15 minutes from the Bora Bora airport on a privately owned island. 

The Four Seasons

Nestled in the heart of Bora Bora lies the renowned Four Seasons Hotel. As we arrived at the island we had a few hours to explore before our room was ready. And additional $900 fee allows for early check-in but we decided to opt-out and enjoy our surroundings. 

The resort offers 115 places to stay, including 108 overwater bungalows and 7 beach villas. Surprisingly the overwater bungalows are the cheaper option when compared to the mutli-bedroom beach villas. 

Choosing the least expensive option, we stayed in a one-bedroom bungalow, but we loved every second of it. A tour of our bungalow is included in the video above. 

Perched above the crystal-clear water, our bungalow offered an intimate space like no other. Jumping in the water was refreshingly warm, with a touch of salt. 

As a romatic getaway, I highly recommend the one-bedroom suite as well as the lavish multi-bedroom villa. Here, in Bora Bora, the concept of paradise is redefined. 

Serenity of the Four Seasons Spa

Surrounded by luxury of outer beauty, the Four Seasons Spa magnifies its effects through rejuvenating self-care. There truly is no place like this on earth. 

The Polynesian sun illuminates the Te Mahana Spa. Rooted in ancient Bora Bora tradition, each of the treatments replenishes your mind, body, and spirit. The overwater spa suite takes you to an indescribable place where you can unwind and restore your natural being. 


The Four Seasons island at Bora Bora offers three dining options, each of which we tried during our stay. 

Arii Moana

Offering a night of casual elegance, the Arii Moano was a mixed mediterranean cuisine. Completed with Live music, this restaraunt was truly amazing. 


Vaimiti provides a variety of delicious Asian dishes. Though I did not try them, this restaraunt is supposed to serve the highest-rated cocktails. 

Villa Mahana

A small, French restaraunt located on the main island of Bora Bora. Not our favorite, but still an incredible option



Living above the Bora Bora water, it’s no surprise how often we went swimming. Floating effortlessly as the water’s warmth coats you, offers simple relaxation. Gazing upwards at the sky offered an almost weightless experience. 


Immersion in the vibrant wonderland beneath the water’s surface is an experience like no other. The captivating sea of life dips us into the roots of life as we witness the magnificence that lies there. Jason and I had an incredible experience as we snorkelled and created memories along the Bora Bora sand. 

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