Polaris Lounge, SFO

take you inside the fancy Polaris Lounge and the United Club Lounge at the San Francisco Airport. The International terminal at this airport has both lounges the Polaris Lounge and the United Club Lounge.


When I arrive at the SFO airport, I park in the parking garage next to the International terminal. It’s quick and easy. I park on Level 6 and take the elevator down to the sky bridge level. It’s simple to park, walk in with luggage and have your bags checked within a few minutes of arrival.

Polaris Lounge


This exclusively premium airport lounge offers a chance to relax and rest while waiting for your flight. Offering a variety of dining options, I was impressed but the quality of food. This lounge offers a dish for everyone. The private dining area sets the Polaris Lounge apart from other airport lounges. Offering fully serviced meals helps bring quality luxury into each passengers experience. 


The Polaris also offers services to freshen up, avoiding that airport feeling. Private work rooms are also offered in order to provide privacy and silence to those on work trips. The Polaris lounge offers services every working individual desires, allowing you to plug in your devices and recharge. 

The United Club Lounge

How to Enter?

  1. You can fly first or business class on a United or Star Alliance Flight
  2. Have Star Alliance Gold Status
  3. Purchase an United Club Day Pass
  4. Buy an Annual United Club Membership
  5. Receive a United Club Membership with a United Credit Card

The Lounge


A lack of space leads to a lack a privacy found commonly in this lounge. Unlike the Polaris Lounge the chairs, though comfy, lacked space or divisions that allow you to work privately. The small buffet doesn’t compare to the Polaris, but still provides many delicious options. 

Final Thoughts


Though each of these lounges offer incredible services, neither compare to the incredible experience the Turkish lounge presents. Personally, I appreciated the complete services of the Polaris, but will not forget the Turkish Lounge. 

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