Top 10 Things To Do In Korea

I enjoyed my South Korean experience so much and listed my top 10 favorite things to do in Seoul Korea to help you plan your amazing trip to Korea

From the DMZ to Korean Skin Clinics, or the incredible shopping and street food. Take a day trip to Busan and visit the worlds largest Korean Spa, SpaLand. Make sure to take a fun Korean Cooking class with a Local like Sara, and then of course you need to stay at the Four Seasons in Seoul!

10) Visit the DMZ

9) Gyeongbok Palace

Built in 1395, The Gyeongbok Palace offers a view like no other. As I had the opportunity to dress in a Hanbok, I truly felt myself slipping into the Chinese culture. 

8) Visit Spaland

7) Take a Korean Cooking Class From a Local

The Korean cuisine is an incredibly unique part of this culture. Taking a private cooking class allows you to experience the authenticity of different dishes, while learning the cooking process. 

Visit the Mongwon Market in Seoul, Korea

This traditional Seoul market offers fresh and delicious street food. After 40 years of business these indoor shops create a street marketing experience.  

6) Get Your Nails Done in Seoul, Korea

Known for their skincare and luxury, I wasn’t surprised with the amount of over the top nail and spa places in Korea. With a variety of designs ready to be epoxied, this salon was an experience. 

5) Shopping


One of the largest shopping malls in Seoul, Korea, Doota lives in fashion town that never sleeps. This 8-floor landmark mall offers trendy fashion for every occasion. Instead of sizes, clothes are marked as an all free size, meaning one size fits all. 

4) Street and Restaurant Food

From costly to comfort foods, Korea has a variety of options. The wide variety creates an the perfect experience for any tastebuds. 

3) Korean Skin Clinic

2) Hair and Makeup at Jung Saem Mool

I don’t think I have ever felt more pampered than getting treated at Jung Saem Mool. Known for their line of quality skincare and beauty I was impressed with the level of detail throughout this treatment. 

1) Four Seasons Hotel

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