Would You Visit The World’s Largest Spa?

SpaLand in Busan, South Korea is the world's largest Korean Spa. This spa is massive and you can see why families can easily spend all day together.

 I love the Korean culture and how they value therapeutic experiences and share them with the entire family. Spa Life in Korea is not simply for woman nor for the wealthy, it’s for all members of society.

Cleansing Stage

Korean spas are broken up into men and women only areas. This is where you are naked with the same gender and where you can soak in hot baths and then shock your system with cold water and ice showers. You soak your skin for a good 30 minutes before walking into the scrubbing area.

I really wish I could film this area because its incredibly unique. Tables are placed in rows with a female or male, depending on your gender, waiting at each. You lay down on the table and you begin to be splashed with warm water, hot towels and scrubbed by your therapist. They wash and scrub your hair as well.

Hot & Cold Rooms

Once you are completely scrubbed and rinsed you can return to the hot soaking tubs or place your JimJilBang clothing on for the combined gender floor. This is where friends and families congregate and enjoy the hot and cold therapy rooms together. You can also have food on this floor. It’s simply a great experience.

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