As Covid-19 was starting to take over the world, we took a trip to Korea. There, we had the opportunity to visit SpaLand, an incredible resort of relaxation and restoration.

Travelling to China, we had the opportunity to visit a variety of stops. From SpaLand to the Fish Market, each stop was inredible!


Our first stop was Spaland. Spaland is the worlds largest Korean Spa located inside the worlds largest shopping center Shinsegae.

Shinsegae is a department store all over Korea. Inside they have shopping, eating, Korean spa’s and basically anything else you can think of. We had Korean scrubs and massages inside the womans only side of Spaland.

Then we put on our JimJilBang issued clothing and explored the general floor of Spaland. On this floor you can go in all of the treatment rooms: different levels of heat or different levels of cold. There are salt rooms as well as many other therapy rooms.

Spaland also has an outside section. We were there in January so it was quite cold but they even had jackets for us to wear. Then we had lunch in the Spaland dinning area. After a quick bite, we showered, blowdried and got dressed in the woman’s area. Spaland has everything you can think of for hygiene in the vanities including hair ties and sunscreen.


We headed into the shopping area of Shinsegae and I got a dress and shirt from Plastic Island. This place of unprecedented luxury combines culture and fashion. Korea has so many beautiful indie and domestic brands.

Busan Fish Market

Following shopping we headed down to the Busan Fish Market where we were able to have raw octopus. Known as the largest fish market, the Busan Fish Market offers a variety of unique food. For example, The octopus is dead, however it appears to be alive due the muscle stimulation remaining active after it is prepared.

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