14 Hours Business Class: Will You Survive Turkish Airlines?

You should fly Turkish Airlines BUSINESS Class SFO to IST, Its FABULOUS! We used Turkish airlines in November 2018 when we went to Greece.

The luxurious environment created by Turkish Airlines minimized the fourteen hour flight from San Francisco to Istanbul, and even helped keep my boys entertained. 

Turkish Air Business Class

As stated on their website, Turkish Airlines take hospitality to the skies. From fully reclinable seating to incredible dishes, they create the most comfort for your flight. 

Luxurious Comfort

I don’t know about you but I can never fall asleep sitting up. However, staying awake through a  fourteen hour flight sounds miserable. With fully reclinable seats, Turkish Airlines provides maximum comfort. I was also impressed with the hospitality the airlines offered!

Award-Winning Food Service

One of the most impressive aspects of Turkish Airlines was the cuisine. Unlike most airplane menus, we were provided top of the line, authentic meals. With multiple course, Turkish Airlines satisfied your every craving. Additionally, they provided extra entrees if you wanted to try a variety. 

Is It Worth It?

Many people do not realize how great the service in Turkey is. They have incredible 5 star hotels and Turkish Airlines does not disappoint. We used them for many of our flights around Greece, Italy and then back to Istanbul for our last stop. I highly recommend flying Turkish Airlines when you are headed to Eastern Europe.

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