Should You Fly Air China?

As we fly from San Francisco to Beijing for our trip across China, we decided to check out Air China Flights.

One of the “Big Three” Chinese Airlines, Air China has become a more popular choice for international flights. With it’s surprising rates, Air China is the perfect economical choice for families. 

The Airport

During spring break in 2019, Jason and I decided to take our boys and explore China! Though long, the 12-hour flight was worth it. With our four boys we knew it would be importatn to pick an airline that was safe and affordable. Air China was definitely the answer. Their incredible staff helped created a relaxed environment for the flight. 

We Made It!

Once we landed I was shocked with the size of the Beijing Airport. As the capitol airport, nearly every international flight is headquartered there. To ensure a smooth transition, the JW Marriott offers a pick up service inside the gate. This appreciated service made it so much easier!

Beijing, China

China does not get the accolades it deserves. It’s affordability nearly outshines it’s luxury. For $138 per night we were able to stay in a huge luxury room in the JW Marriott. China is an incredible place to visit. From beauty to cuisine, their unique culture is amazing. 

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