Walking Through Naraya Springs

Surrounded by a lush rainforest of luxury, Naraya Springs offers an experience like no other. Every bend of the nature walk brings new aspects of complexion. Guided along by walls of greenery, it can easy to find yourself lost in the landscape.

This nature walk is an experience for the senses. Through the humidity, I was able to feel the lushness of the canopies on my skin. I was able to smell the sweetness of the rainforest and experience the sounds of life throughout the hike. 

Arriving at Naraya Springs

The luxury begins when you arrive at Naraya Springs. After checking in you are loading into carts with light refreshments and begin your ascent. The path taken can be followed to nearly anywhere in the resort. Directed by wooden signs, to our villa. Though we were surrounded by lush walls of greenery, our villa was not as private as I would have liked. The corner behind us was surrounded by different pathways, allowing voices to be directed into our room. 


As you follow the path you are led to a few different parts of the resort. In the midst of the jungle you’ll find the Yoga platform. This studio offers a unique experience. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of the rainforest, I was able to find a new form of peace and luxury. 

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