Pack with me for Nayara Springs

For our 15th anniversary trip, Jason and I are headed to Nayara Springs. This spa resort offers luxury and relaxation perfect for the two of us.


Skincare-obsessed, I decided my top picks for this vacation. The qison pack, one of my favorite haircare lines, was a must in order to perfect those beachy waves. I would also recommend bringing dry shampoo, I absolutely love the blonde from Batiste. The next necessity is the 7-step skincare line from May Lindstrom. This convenient set has everything you need and is perfect for me to take into the rainforest. Since we’re in Costa Rica, sunscreen is a must. I chose my Supergoop Glow Sunscreen, to ensure protection while enhancing my skin’s radiance. To keep up my tan, I also brought tanning water. Make sure to watch my live to see my full packing list. 


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