What is Amangiri?

If Amangiri is good enough for the Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians what is this place in the middle of the desert all about?

I decided to look into Amangiri. What is it? What is the cost? And when can I go?


Obviously, If the Kardashians are heading out to this remote area of the country it must be special. 

Amangiri appears to be divided into 2 lodging options. First the main location where you can get the least expensive Desert Suite and then a short drive further into the canyon there is Camp Sarika. This is where you find the cool tent pavilion facilities and where you can be further immersed into the wilderness. Camp Sarika offers 1 and 2 bedroom pavilions. Each pavillion has its own plunge pool and as you might have guessed, is a higher price point. This room rate also varies based on time of year.

It appears during the high season which is end of March to the end of December, basically most of the year, the base room rate is $4000 per night. They have varying degrees of accommodations from the basic Desert Suite to the huge 2 bedroom Mesa Pavilion.


The Desert Suite

The Desert Suite during high season is $4000 per night, however I noticed in January this room rate decreases to $2800 per night. Keep in mind this landscape gets very cold in January and if you wanted to do Lake activities you would not want to do it in the beginning of the year. Since we go to LAKE POWELL every summer and have a houseboat on the lake, the lake excursions are not necessarily of interest for me, plus I love saving money by going when others don’t.

What Does It Include?

I know what you’re thinking… What in the world am I getting for $4000 or $2800 per night in the middle of the desert.

You are not alone, I’m with you. Upon more inspection, it came to my attention that the room rate is based on double occupancy and includes: All meals and beverages for 2 people per day, with the exclusion of alcohol. 


Amangiri Dining

Offering three meals a day, Amangiri’s restaurants present sustainable dishes for everyone. These seasonal menus inspired by traditional Navajo dishes and Utah’s Southwestern culinary heritage. 

Camp Sarika

As well as access to the dining options of Amangiri whenever they wish, guests of Camp Sarika can enjoy three meals a day at the all-day restaurant at the centre of the camp. From classic campfire breakfasts and open-grill lunches to refined evening dining beside the fire and under the stars.


As I Browsed the spa menu, a few caught my attention. However one stood out in particular. 

The Desert Fire, An All Day Experience for Two

This high intensity journey starts with a 60 minute yoga session, followed by a nutritious breakfast. Next is a 3 hour hike, including the challenging Hoodoo Via Ferrata climb with its 18 inch wide suspension bridge spanning a 600 foot gorge. Enjoy lunch and the get ready for a 30 minute high intensity functional movement training session with 30 minutes of guided hot and cold therapy in the cold plunge and steam room. Following the workout, you will receive a well-deserved 90 minute Thai massage and a 30 minute crystal sound bath. Your journey concludes with a private dinner in your suite.

Continuing to browse the menu, I was impressed with the variety of luxury treatments offered. The unavailability of the pricingcreated a little confusion. However, I was able to find deals shared in the video.

Is It Worth It?

This is definitely something you will have to ask the Kardashians. From the quantity of positive reviews about this luxury spa, the answer seems to be yes.

As I’ve been digging deep into Amangiri it has exposed me, to more of the incredible options the Aman brand offers. Like their Dominican Republic location called Amanera Set above the celebrated golden sands of Playa Grande and backed by a diverse jungle, or Amankora which is located in the Kingdom of Bhutan and was the first first resort allowed to operate in this Buddhist kingdom. I can’t think of a better more lux way to experience this area of the world!

Also, I’ve noticed that food appears to be included with the room rate at many of these incredible places and they offer different deals and packages depending on the location. 

With so many fabulous locations I’ve not been able to look at every single offer but now you know what I will be doing late into the night. Sweet dreams to all of my avid luxury experience seekers. I think Aman might be my new Four Seasons and I can’t wait to start checking off all of their offerings throughout our amazing world.

Now we understand why the Kardashians fled LA for the desert. Do you think I should go to Amangiri in January 2023? Do you want me to film it and give you insight?

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