Kneeboarding and Tubing on Lake Powell

Even when the water is at historic low levels you can see from this Lake Powell kneeboarding and tubing video that Lake Powell remains wide open, this is the best aspect of Lake Powell!

Tubing with the kids and watching them have a blast is what Lake Powell is all about. The kneeboard is great at getting kids accustomed to riding behind the boat when they are little. They start throwing tricks and all of a sudden they feel like pros.

Of course everyone had lots of fun tubing. I mean was not to love about being bounced around the water as you cling to a tube as tight as you can? Tubing is a perfect water sport for all ages. 

Kneeboarding and Tubing was a blast! However, the best part is the memories made that no one will ever forget. We were lucky to miss the crowds this year, but with the vastness of Lake Powell you’ll always be able to find a perfect spot. 

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