Teaching Kids to Wakeboard

Teaching kids to wakeboard requires a lot of Patience. Its not easy getting all kids up in one day, however some of the boys made it and had a great week on Lake Powell wakeborading.

As a parent you want you kids to try learning new things. But, you also want them to have fun. To spark some fun family memories, we decided to teach the kids how to wakeboard. Though not everyone was able to get up on the wakeboard we had a great time!

How Do You Teach Kids to Wakeboard?

The number one thing you need is PATIENCE. Teaching kids anything takes a lot of work, but wakeboarding can be especially difficult. It can be pretty scary for kids to lose control and slam into the water. Luckily, support and encouragement do wonders. In the end as long as they had a fun time and want to try again sometime, I call it a success.  

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