Storms on Lake Powell

Lake Powell is in the Arizona and Utah desert and storms can blow up fast. Right before this storm we were using the hydrofoil.

Storms at Lake Powell can be devastating for houseboats if they are not anchored sufficiently or are in the canyons moving. Large houseboats are like walls. When these winds blow up they can pin your houseboat into a canyon wall and the waves begin flood your boat.

Is it possible to sink?

Unfortunately, 2 weeks before this storm a gorgeous Adonia was sunk when in transit. A storm blew up, trapped it against a wall, and began to flood it with waves of water. Hearing this created a bit of concern when the storm hit.  Lake Powell tends to be known for it’s unexpected storms. Luckily, we were able to wait for the worst of it to pass and have a great time after. 


Can It be Prevented?

These houseboats do have sump pumps however, the water shorts the electricity and then the sump pump no longer works. We want to add a diesel sump pump to our houseboat in the event we are pinned and the electricity shorts.

Another best coarse of action if a storm blows up on you when you are in transit is to keep moving and stay away from walls. Don’t try to anchor, keeping your boat moving, and don’t get sideways to the wind.

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